The Jones Family & The GCHS Hispanic Community

Gadsden City Spanish teacher, Angela Jones, counts herself fortunate to have her personal family as well as her extended Gadsden City Hispanic family. Angela’s son, Andrew, graduated from Gadsden City and is now a sophomore studying accounting at Auburn University. Sarah, a current Gadsden City High School freshman, is a member of the Titan volleyball team.

While Angela, her husband Timothy, Andrew, and Sarah are a tight-knit family, Angela spends much of her time serving Gadsden’s English as a second language student body. Thanks to her and other Spanish teachers’ work, Hispanic students have more representation in Gadsden City clubs than ever before. The Hispanic Heritage Month Festival has grown to be one of the system’s most well-attended events.

The Hispanic community is an integral part of our big, diverse Gadsden City Titan Family.